Board of Equalization


The City Board of Equalization meets to equalize the property tax valuations in the city and provides an opportunity for individual property owners to appear before the board regarding their property values. Those who feel that their property value is unfair may present their case to the board at the annual meeting. The City Board of Equalization consists of the members of the City Commission.

Annual Meeting

2024 Meeting: Monday, April 15th at 5:00 PM 
Commission Chambers of Devils Lake City Offices

The 2024 City Board of Equalization will reconvene to review property appeals and approve final 2024 valuations on Monday, May 6th, 2024 at 5:30 PM in the Commission Chambers at the Devils Lake City Offices.

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The annual meeting of the City of Devils Lake Board of Equalization occurs in order to equalize property valuations throughout the city and provide a forum for property owners to discuss their property value.

It is recommended that any individual wishing to appear before the City Board of Equalization contact the Devils Lake City Assessor's Office in advance.  Those who don't contact the Assessor's Office prior to the meeting will likely be referred to do so before any decision is made.

The City Assessor is located in the Devils Lake City Offices at 423 6th St. NE, Devils Lake, ND 58301.

Board of Equalization Meeting Minutes

Meet one time annually

DateAgendaMinutesFinal PacketYouTube Link
05-06-2024AgendaMinutesPacketView on YouTube
04-15-20242024 Agenda2024 Minutes2024 Final PacketView on YouTube
04-13-20232023 Agenda2023 Minutes2023 Final Packet 
04-14-20222022 Agenda2022 Minutes2022 Final Packet 
04-14-20212021 Agenda2021 Minutes2021 Final Packet 
04-14-20202020 Agenda2020 Minutes2020 Final Packet 
04-08-20192019 Agenda2019 Minutes2019 Final Packet 
04-25-20182018 Agenda2018 Minutes2018 Final Packet 
05-17-20172017 Agenda2017 Minutes2017 Final Packet 
06-02-20162016 Agenda2016 Minutes2016 Final Packet 
05-27-20152015 Agenda2015 Minutes2015 Final Packet 

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