The City of Devils Lake, ND Assessing Department


Rob Johnson

City Assessor 

Helen Carlson

Assessing Admin



423 6th St NE, PO Box 1048 
Devils Lake, ND 58301


701.662.7600 Ext. 3

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The Assessing Department is tasked with the fair and equitable assessment of all property within city limits for property tax purposes, per the North Dakota State Tax Department. This department also compiles records regarding real estate transactions, new construction, renovations and handles a variety of property tax exemption and credit programs through the State of North Dakota. The Assessing Department is not responsible for any special assessments. Special assessments are a function of the Finance Department

2023 Residential Property Assessments

The Assessing Department will be conducting assessments of residential properties on a 5-year cycle.  Residential properties that lie east of College Drive/Railroad Avenue and are between Walnut Street East and 7th Street NE will be assessed in 2023.  A letter was sent to property owners in this area requesting that an appointment be scheduled with the assessor's office to allow a review of the home. 

A review of your home requires a brief inspection, typically less than 20 minutes, of the interior and exterior by the assessor.  When coming into your home the assessor will be looking for: the number and type of rooms; the number and type of plumbing fixtures; type of heating and AC; the finish of the basement (if applicable), and; the overall condition and workmanship of the structure.  The assessor will likely measure the house, porches, decks, patios, garages, and other additional structures or additions on the property.

If we are unable to review the interior of your property, the assessor will have to estimate the features and condition of the home to arrive at an estimated market value.  An estimate of market value may not provide an accurate determination of the market value for assessment purposes.

On-site reviews will be scheduled between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday in the months of June, July and August.  If you did not schedule an appointment, but would like to have the assessor review your property, please call 701-662-7600 ext 3 or email the City Assessor.