Cemetery Information

The Devils Lake Cemetery is located on the east side of 14th Ave NE between 7th St NE and 10th St NE. The cemetery covers 50 acres and has over 10,000 graves, with space available for future grave sites. The Devils Lake Streets Department oversees the burials, plantings and maintenance at the cemetery with assistance from the Finance Department for lot sales and administration.


Dennis Strong

Cemetery Public Ways Operator II

Saraye Forsberg

Cemetery Admin



423 6th St NE, PO Box 1048 
Devils Lake, ND 58301

Cemetery Location

702 14th Ave NE
Devils Lake, ND 58301

Phone - Admin: 701.662.7600 Ext 1
Phone - Maintenance: 701.662.7619


The Devils Lake Cemetery is open to the public from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily.


Cemetery Fees Grave Space$  200.00 
Open/Close$  300.00 
Open/Close (Winter)$  450.00 
Cremation (Interment)$  175.00 
Cremains Disinterment and Reburial$  300.00 
Cremains Disinterment and Leave Cemetery$  250.00 
Cremains Disinterment and Reburial (Winter)$  325.00
Infant Space Open/Close (Resident)$  175.00 
Infant Space Open/Close (Non-Resident)$  250.00 
Non-Resident Maintenance Fee$  350.00 
Storage Fee - Not Buried in Devils Lake Cemetery$    65.00 
     -Per Day Storage Fee$    1.30
     -Up to Max Fee$  135.00 
Disinterment and Reburial$  600.00 
Disinterment and Leave Cemetery$  275.00 
Extra Charges 
     -Saturday Burial$  150.00 
     -Holiday and Sunday Burial$  200.00 

Cemetery Map

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Cemetery Regulations

Code of Ordinances Cemetery Regulations

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