Boards and Commissions in Devils Lake, North Dakota

Lake Region Public Library Board


The Lake Region Public Library Board oversees the operation and maintenance of the Lake Region Public Library. It is the role of the Board to promote and support the growth of library services provided to the community based on the needs of the community. The Lake Region Public Library Board meets the 1st Wednesday of each month in the Library Community Room and meeting minutes are available in the office of the Library Director.


Member Term Expires
Heidi Ziegenmeyer Vanegas, President June 30, 2023
Paulette Paulson, Vice President June 30, 2023
Lee Gessner June 30, 2024
Jessica Fish June 30, 2024
Ben Scallon  June 30, 2025
Peter Owlboy Jr  June 30, 2025
Daniel Howell June 30, 2025

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