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City Elections

Municipal City Elections and Special Elections

Municipal City Elections are held on the second Tuesday in June in each even numbered year. Special elections are held as the City Commission calls for and approves them. Pin that says to Vote

Qualifications For Voting In North Dakota

North Dakota is the only state that does not have voter registration.

In order to vote in North Dakota, you must be:

  • A U.S. citizen
  • At least 18 years old on the day of an election
  • A North Dakota resident
  • A resident in the precinct at least 30 days preceding the election

Remember, for the purposes of voting, a person may have only one residence, shown by an actual fixed permanent dwelling, or any other abode.
Residency in North Dakota is defined in North Dakota Century Code, Section 54-01-26 which states:

Every person has in law a residence. In determining the place of residence, the following rules must be observed:

  • It is the place where one remains when not called elsewhere for labor or other special or temporary purpose, and to which he or she returns in
    seasons of repose
  • There can be only one residence
  • A residence cannot be lost until another is gained
  • The residence can be changed only by the union of act and intent

ID Requirements (Required for Voting)

Acceptable forms of identification must include your name, CURRENT residential address, and date of birth. Post Office boxes do not establish residency and CANNOT be accepted.

Acceptable forms of identification with residential addresses are:

  • ND Driver's License
  • ND Non-driver's Identification Card
  • Tribal Government Issued Identification Card
  • Long-term Care Identification Certificate (provided by ND facility)

For more information, contact the Ramsey County Auditor at (701) 662-7007.

Voting Early (Absentee) Or Vote By Mail

Voting before Election Day (also known as absentee voting and Early Voting) is easy in North Dakota and available to every voter. Simply complete an
Absent Voter's Ballot Application and deliver it to the Ramsey County Administrator (Auditor), located inside the Ramsey County Courthouse at 524
4th Ave NE, at any time during an election year. It's commonly called absentee voting because voters used to be required to provide a reason for
their absence on Election Day in order to vote early. Ballots are available to voters as early as 40 days prior to each Election Day, but no later than
the day before Election Day. All ballots have to be returned the day before the election or post marked the day before the election. When the ballots are prepared, the County Auditor will send a ballot and other information to all who have applied to vote early.

During the 15 days prior to an election, the Ramsey County Auditor's Office opens an early voting precinct so that voters of the county can stop by and
vote whenever they happen to be near the voting location.

Special Circumstances

If a voter wants a friend or family member to deliver their application and ballot to and from the County Auditor the following form must be filled out:

For people reaching the age of 18 while living outside of the United States and whose parents or guardians are qualified voters of North Dakota the
following form must be filled out:People Voting

New residents of ND who have lived here less than 30 days, but more than 10 days before the election need to fill out the following form:

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Running For City Office

All City Officers: A person shall be eligible to hold an elective city office if he or she is a qualified voter of the city and he or she has been a resident
of the city for at least 9 months preceding the election. A person shall be eligible to hold an appointive city office if he or she is a citizen of the United
States. No person in default to the city shall be eligible to any city office.

Mayor: The mayor must be a qualified voter within the city.

The 4-year term of office for mayor lasts until a successor is duly elected and qualified.

Commissioners: A person shall be eligible to the office of city commissioner if he or she is a qualified voter of the city and has been a resident of the
city for at least 9 months preceding the election.

The 4-year term of office for a commissioner lasts until a successor is duly elected and qualified.

Running In The Regularly Scheduled City Election

Candidates for city offices may file Petitions/Certificates of Nomination with the City Auditor containing the signatures of qualified electors equal to not
less than 10% of the number of qualified voters who voted for that office in the last city election. However, not more than 300 signatures are required.

A Complete Filing Must Include

  1. A Petition/Certificate of Nomination containing the required number of signatures of qualified electors. The Petition/Certificate of Nomination
    must be filed at least 60 days and before 4:00 p.m. on the 60th day before the election and it may not be circulated or signed more than 90 days
    previous to the date the petition must be filed with the appropriate filing officer in the city; and

  2. A Statement of Interest

We ask that all interested candidates please pick up the required documents at City Hall. This allows us to have a complete listing of all
candidates who are running for office and it gives us the opportunity to provide all the information the candidates will need such as the number of required signatures, the earliest day to begin circulating petitions, the earliest day to file petitions, and the last day to file petitions.

Election administrators also suggest collecting more than the required number of signatures and turning in petitions at least one
day before the deadline (some signatures may be eliminated if not from valid city residents). Post office boxes are not considered
a valid address. Only complete addresses are accepted.

Running As A Write-In Candidate In The Regularly Scheduled City Election

A write-in candidate for city office at the regularly scheduled city election is not required to file a certificate of write-in candidacy.

Campaign Finance And Disclosure

Candidates for city office in cities with a population greater than 5,000 are required by law to file a statement of contributions, known as a Campaign
Contribution Statement.

The statement must include the name and mailing address of all contributors who contributed in excess of $200 in the aggregate during the reporting
period, the aggregated amount of the contributions from each listed contributor, and the date the most recent contribution was received from that contributor.

This report must be filed with the City Auditor.

Offices That May Be On The Ballot

  • Commission President
  • City Commissioner
  • Municipal Judge

Polling Hours And Locations

Contact the Ramsey County Auditor's Office at (701) 662-7007 regarding polling hours and locations.

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